Ein Ferienjob wie kein anderer

Hannah Kaspret verbrachte als FIT-Praktikantin den Sommer am Institut für Festkörperphysik der TU Graz und designte Blumenblätter aus Polydimenthylsiloxan, die auf Wasserdampf reagieren.


Start-up idea award to Anna (May 2018)

The Science Park Graz awarded Anna Maria Coclite within the Startup Idea Competition. Anna's idea was to create artificial skin that has similar temperature, pressure, and humidity perception as real skin. Together with the cash prize, she also got the opportunity to attend the Science Park Academy: a series of workshops to coach scientists in being entrepreneurs.   


WKO Scholarship awarded to Sebastian (November 2018)

The Master thesis of Sebastian on “Development of humidity sensors based on hydrogels deposited by initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition” has been awarded by the WKO-Steirermark for its applicability to industry.


News in Schrödingers Katze, an Austrian Science Blog.

Marshall Plan Scholarship for Paul (February 2018)

Paul will spend 6 months at MIT in the group of Karen Gleason to perform research on Oxidative and initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition for the Synthesis of Sulfonated Polymer Electrolyte Membranes. His research stay will be funded by the Marshall Plan.

WKO Scholarship awarded to Paul

The Master thesis of Paul on “Designing actuator arrays based on thermo-responsive polymers by initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition” has been awarded by the WKO-Steirermark for its applicability to industry.

TEDxGraz talk on YouTube

Temperature, shapes, textures are only some of the things that can be felt with the sense of touch. How to recreate the cycle of information from the environment to the skin to an action mediated by the brain? Anna Maria Coclite will talk about how combining physics and chemistry can be used to create artificial skin for robots and humans.


ERC grant (Oct 2016)

Smart Core/shell nanorods arrays for artificial skin


IAAM Scientist Medal 2016 (Aug 2016)

Anna Maria Coclite won the IAAM Scientist Medal 2016, awarded by the International Association of Advanced Materials for her “notable and outstanding research in the Advanced Materials Science and Technology” (as written in the certificate). The award ceremony took place during the European Advanced Material Congress.

Scientist of the week (Oct 2015)

Science and Engineering Cafe: Dr. Anna Maria Coclite is our new scientist of the week.

Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting (Jul 2015)

Anna Maria Coclite was selected to participate to the 65th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting  (as young scientist. The participation to this meeting is a one-time chance... unless you win a Nobel Prize! 

WKO Scholarship awarded to Georg (Jan 2015)

Georg Urstöger won a scholarship from the Styrian Chamber of Commerce for his master thesis that has a strong bond to industrial research. 

Marie Curie Fellowship awarded to Anna (May 2014)

Anna Maria Coclite was awarded a Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship within the 7th European Community Framework Programme. The fellowship funds top-class researchers from non-European Countries to work on projects in Europe.