PECVD/plasma ALD

Reactor for plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD)/plasma assisted atomic layer deposition (plasma ALD)

Capacitively-coupled asymmetrical parallel-plate plasma reactor can be used for the deposition of organic (e.g. cross-linked polymers) and inorganic (e.g. oxides and metals) thin films on different substrates. The system reaches mid-vacuum (10-4 Torr). The input power is supplied by a RF power generator (13.56 MHz) through a LC matching network. The diameters of the reactor chamber and the top electrode are 30.5 cm and 20 cm, respectively. The interelectrode distance is 4 cm. The working gases enter the chamber through the top showerhead electrode.

Heated lines are also connected to the reactor to feed the plasma with vapors of less-volatile precursors. Thermolabile substrates can be coated since the substrate temperature does not exceed 100°C. Large area substrates can be coated to a maximum of 30 cm in diameter. Three-dimensional substrates can be coated with high conformality through the plasma ALD process.

The precursors for the plasma-ALD process will enter the chamber through a lateral line. Their gas flow rates are regulated by diaphragm valves.